How can we work together?

STEM Connections is passionate about working with schools to provide work experience opportunities.
STEMConnections also facilitates connections with schools and our industry partners to enhance teacher capacity and build exciting educational collaboration.

Work Experience


The benefits for schools

Stem Connections - Benefits for industry

  • Leadership development
  • Industry standard technologies
  • Up-to-date 
industry insights
  • Teaching and learning innovations

Work experience

STEMConnections provides your students with the opportunity to connect with STEM industries who have partnered with us to provide meaningful work experience projects.

Students create a STEMConnections profile free of charge and STEMConnections industry members search for a match and make contact with you.

STEMConnections works with our industry partners to create high quality work experience projects that are relevant, and that provide your students with valuable real world experience. All our industry partners meet the ministerial work experience requirements.

Privacy is our top priority. Only the following information from the student profiles is searchable by our industry partners:

  • industry area of interest
  • school written reference
  • gender
  • subjects
  • school grades

STEMConnections process

Each student profile created will need to be verified by 
a school contact and also requires a written personal reference. Once the profile is verified by both parent/guardian and school, and the school reference is provided, it will become available for our industry partners to search.

STEMConnections industry search our student profiles 
for a suitable match.

When an industry partner chooses a match, an email will be sent to the school contact and the school contact details will be made available to our industry partner. 
All communication from the industry partner is made 
via the school contact.

“Strengthen school-community engagement to enrich student learning through the establishment of mechanisms to facilitate quality partnerships, including engagement in mentoring, volunteering and extra-curricular activities, between schools, employers, members of the community, community organisations and tertiary institutions.”



Projects and industry collaboration

STEMConnections creates the opportunities for schools to create projects that require industry input or collaboration with another school.

You may require staff professional development, a guest speaker for class, or excursion opportunities. Create your project here and our industry partners and other schools can search and make connection with you.

Read more about our successful projects below.

Hear from our principals and teachers


“STEMConnections has completely automated the work experience administration, which allows me to focus further on students career pathways”


“The industry connections we have made via STEMConnections has allowed us to build our teacher’s capacity and create relevant and real class room experiences”


“The automation of the work experience process has saved me a huge amount of time”